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Join us for our first ever BEAST lacrosse winter development sessions. Coached by all current NLL players, BEAST development is an invite only program for 2009, 2010 and 2011 ATHLETES. We welcome Select Level hockey players who have not played lacrosse before.

"Beaches Best Lacrosse Program"

BEAST Athletics:
Our Mission

Our goal is to build athletes first.

We play sports as a vehicle to develop healthy compete levels in our students.

We are developing to a wide scope where acadamics and athletics intercept.

We believe in high compete and we believe developing in multi-sport environments.

We believe sports open doors in life and have long-term benefits to all.

We want to provide the athlete a home to grow, learn and succeed that is away from parent coaching and club environments that can focussed on a singular goal — winning.

 We will find fusion in what we do and it is here that programming will start.

Please join us to build the BEAST ATHLETCS PROGRAM.

BEAST Lacrosse

Let them miss being on the ice!

Do you want your child to get better at hockey?

Play a sport other than hockey.

With more and more specialization and and burn out with young hockey players, BEAST lacrosse aims to be an outlet for hockey players in Toronto. Lacrosse is the best crossover sport for hockey and will help their hand eye coordination, conditioning and get them used to the physical contact. These sessions will be improve the boys overall athleticism and compete.

This group will run together once a week all winter and leading into the spring we will be training twice a week. Similar to our hockey sessions, these sessions will be used to evaluate and form our team that will travel to the United States for a tournament.

2009-11 Lacrosse

By Invitation Only


6 pm - 7:30 pm

Pure Sports


Join us for our first ever BEAST lacrosse winter development sessions in preparation for our spring training.


PLEASE NOTE: There are no sessions on stat holidays, PA Days, Christmas Camp and March Break Camp days. Sessions can not be used for any other program at Bob Acton Sports. All sessions expire April 20th, 2018. Refundable cancellations are accepted 8 hours before start time only.

2009-11 Lacrosse
2009-11 Lacrosse

Will You be a Beast?

2009-11 Lacrosse