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COVID-19 Protocols

Please Read and Follow Instructions

Bob Acton Sports Family,

We hope everyone has stayed safe and heathy during these trying times.

We understand that this is all new but we appreciate your effort to follow our return to play guidelines.

At Bob Acton Sports safely returning back to sports is our No. 1 priority. We have consulted with a number of organizations and developed this Return to Play protocol guide that establishes how we are going to get back to playing. Please read carefully, and come to your class prepared. We look forward to seeing you!

Due to COVID capacity restrictions we are only taking 27 kids for per session for After School Hockey, Learn to Skate and our hockey camps.

We ask that you please register online before coming to ensure that there is a spot available for your child. We also ask that if you decide you are not coming, that you cancel eight hours before your scheduled visit so someone else can take your spot and you avoid paying for a class you can’t attend.


Ted Reeve waiver to be completed online one time while the Bob Acton Sports waiver to be printed and brought with you each time you visit.


• 27 Skaters and 3 coaches in Ted Reeve at one time
• No spectators inside the building
• 8 Kids per Dressing Room 4, 5,6, 6 feet apart
• 3 coaches 3 kids in dressing room 7, 6 feet apart


• Masks are mandatory for everyone at check-in

• Please complete the online Ted Reeve waiver before coming to after school A Ted Reeve Arena staff member will be checking that you have done this at after school.

•  Bring the Bob Acton Sports waiver printed and completed EVERY TIME.

•  This will help speedup check-in, so the only thing that the coach will need to do is take and record your child’s temperature.

•  Temperature checks will be done daily and recorded on the Bob Acton Sports waiver

•  They will be assigned a dressing room number at check-in .

Before Entering the building to play hockey

Please dress your child in your car/outside the arena, including tying skates. There will be mats outside the door for your child to walk on. Note: if you do require assistance with your child’s skates, a coach can help

3:45 – You child may enter the building

• Wearing a mask

• Carrying their helmet, stick, gloves, change of shoes, water bottle

• Upon entrance they will go straight to their assigned change room. This is where they will take their mask off and put their helmet on and leave their other belongings (should only be mask and shoes), 6 feet away from others.

4:00 – When it is time to go onto the ice

After the Zamboni has cleared, and sanitization is complete, coaches will go into the dressing rooms, line the children up and take them on the ice through the entrance door

Parents: Please wait in the parking lot for your child – 6 feet apart

Exiting the building after hockey:

5:00 – After hockey/skating is done

The coaches will take your child off the ice through the exit door and straight back to their change room:

• The kids will take their helmets off and put their masks on, and take their skates off and out their shoes on.

• All kids will then be called out of the change rooms by the coaches and taken up the stairs and out the back door of the arena.

• Please wait for them between the bubble and the arena


• Children must remain 6 feet apart at all times

• All water bottles, bags, etc must be labeled with child name and kept apart

• Do not share equipment

• Masks are required to be worn by children when going indoors before our programming – send your child with a mask

Symptomatic Persons

Anyone who develops symptoms shall notify the club directors immediately. Persons will be required to self-isolate and remain home from training for 14 days and are encouraged to see a medical professional. Players will be allowed to return after 14 days of being symptom free or with a confirmed Negative COVID-19 test result. All Players and Club personnel shall immediately notify Club staff if he or she suspects meeting someone that has COVID-19.

The following are common symptoms of COVID-19:

• Cough

• Shortness of breath

• Chest pain

• Feeling feverish/chills

• Muscle pain (not exercise-related)

• New loss of smell or taste

• Gastrointestinal Symptoms (nausea, vomiting and/or diarrhea)

• Sinus or cold-like symptoms (headache, congestion/runny nose, sore throat)

• Fever (temperature > 99.5°F or > 37.5°C)